Lumosa Family Recalls Efunroye Tinubu BoT Members

Representatives of the Estate of Iyalode Efuronye Tinubu, Lumosa Family have recalled its Board of Trustees members on the grounds of misrepresentation by illegally giving the power of attorney held by Akinfolabi Akindele, to Lagos Lagoon Park Resources.

It accused the recalled representatives of soiling “the good images” which their forefathers left behind.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Lekan Lumosa accused the BoT members of embezzling money given to it by Akindele to the tune of hundreds of millions of naira, and bags of rice, while disbursing five per cent to the family.

He also alleged that both representatives had formed alliances with other parties to act on behalf of the estate illegally, thereby fraudulently representing the family for their monetary benefits.

The erring BOT members, Alhaji Adio Kassim and Safiu Kassim had, in a Press conference held on May 16 in Abeokuta, falsely declared that the family revoked the power of attorney of the estate from Akinfolabi Akindele, and gave it to Lagos Lagoon Park Resources.

The press conference was published in various online, print and electronic media.

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In a communique sent to fellow representatives of the estate, Sobowale family, acting secretary of the Lumosa Family, Monsuru Lawal warned that anyone who has dealings with the dissolved BOT members does so at their own risk as this was not the position of the family.

The communique was issued on May 22nd, 2021 and titled ‘Dissolution of BOT members’

It read,” We hereby notify you that, in our General Meeting held on the 20th of May, 2021 at No.112, Agura Road, Gbagura, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

“The whole family unanimously agreed to dissolve the house, especially our BOT members on the ground that they are not representing the family as expected of them and we can not continue at that level till when the good images which our forefathers left behind to derail.

“With the effect of this date, any person or group of persons that deals or documents, signed by any of our dissolved BOT members is null and void and not on behalf of the Lumosa family. Normal court step shall be taken later to formalize the process.

“We shall inform you of further development in due course.”

The Lumosa family assured that one court case instigated against Akindele by the errant BoT members had been dropped, while two others were in the process of being withdrawn

Wahab Akinlade

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